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"Well you're finally coming around I see!" Heero heard Duo say. He opened his eyes to find himself looking at a hospital ceiling. He turned his head slowly to keep the throbbing to a minimum, and saw Duo straddling a chair next to his bed.

"What happened?" Heero asked softly.

"Oh nothing much. Just a building fell on you." Duo replied. "You know, if you're going to go around setting explosives, you really outta be more careful! This one almost got you. The police thought you had something to do with it and wanted to arrest you, but, fortunately, I managed to convince them that you were just an innocent bystander, out for a evening walk! Otherwise, you'd be in the prison hospital, and I wouldn't be able to come by and cheer you up," he said with a grin.

Heero just turned his head back to look at the ceiling, trying to tune Duo out.

Duo rolled his eyes. "Yeah, you can thank me later! Why I put up with you, I'll never know. You're anti-social, suicidal, and a complete nutcase!"

Heero pushed himself up into a sitting position. "Then why do you?" he asked, looking Duo directly in the eye.

Duo scratched his head in thought. "Well, I guess it's because we're friends." At Heero's look of surprise, he continued. "You know, for someone who looks pretty smart, you can be awfully dense sometimes! You're my friend, we're supposed to look after our friends, right?"

Heero turned his head to look out the window. "No one asked you to."

"Well that's what I figured you'd say!" Duo said with a laugh. He stood up and slung his book bag over one shoulder. "Oh well. I got class to get to. See ya later!" He sauntered out into the hallway, closing the door softly behind him.

Heero sat staring into space for a few minutes, wondering why he put up with Duo, who was rather annoying in his way. A nurse walked in and smiled at him. "I see you're awake," she said. "That should make your friend happy!"

"Huh?" was all Heero could say.

The nurse laughed lightly. "Why yes, the young man who was just here. He's the one that brought you in, and has been here as long as we would let him stay. He's been worried sick about you, and I came in to see why he had left so early."

"He said he had to get to class," Heero replied.

"Oh, I rather doubt he has classes! Yes, he's young enough, but he hasn't left at all during visiting hours the past couple of days. But I can see you need some rest, so if there's anything else you need, you just call now!" The nurse smiled again, and left quietly.

Heero turned to look out the window, a bit confused. He noticed Duo outside on the sidewalk, apparently arguing with a taxi driver. After a few minutes, the driver got back into his cab and drove off, leaving Duo yelling at him from the sidewalk. He threw up his hands in disgust and turned around. He then looked up at Heero's window, grinned and waved. Heero found himself waving back. Duo then laughed, and walked off in the direction of the school. Heero permitted himself a little smile. Maybe friendship was something worth having, he thought.